Standing Seam Metal Roof Fall Protection Guardrail

The standing seam metal roof fall protection guardrail is BlueWater Mfg's newest fall protection solution for Standing Seam Metal Roofs. The SG Base Plate can be incorporated with our Architectural Series Guardrail, SafetyRail 2000 or the PermaLine Warning Line System.  This fall protection system is designed for each standing seam roof application and provides mandated worker protection for ladder egress/ingress and roof edge fall protection. 

The Galvanized Base Plate is manufactured to fit various types of standing seam roofs.  The plate is fastened to the standing seams by the appropriate S-5 Clamps.   Use the SG Base Plate and selected guardrail system to protect workers at mechanicals, ladder areas, roof hatches or create a full perimeter around the rooftop.  All projects receive a CAD layout for simple installation.

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