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Provide a Visual Warning and Protect Against Bumps Almost Anywhere

The Bright Safety Yellow Foam Strips (also available with Black Stripes) identify and cushion bump points on low clearances, stairways, racking, machinery, lift equipment, “short” doorways, pipes, ductwork or any condition that needs Safety/Caution signage with an additional need for padding or cushioning. It’s self adhesive backing bonds to numerous surfaces including painted and bare metal, wood, plastic, masonry, concrete, brick, tile, wallboard, fiber, and fabric for use in a variety of temperature conditions. The material can be painted and is very pliable. It is also suitable for indoor/outdoor service and UL rated.

The easy to apply, pressure-sensitive adhesive is a 5 mil unsupported, permanent acrylic film that gives you the ULTIMATE bond. Initial tack is low enough to permit some re-positioning. Safety-Strip has excellent shear and cohesive strength. Please note that a clean surface will improve the bond.

  • Soft 3/8” thick material
  • Available in 2” or 4” wide
  • 36” long strips
  • Five strips per pack (15’ of material)
  • Available in Yellow or Yellow w/Black Stripes
Part # Description
100047 2” X 36” Yellow (5 per Pack)
100048 4” X 36” Yellow (5 per Pack)
100049 2” X 36” Striped (5 per Pack)
100050 4” X 36” Striped (5 per Pack)

Forklift head prtection Shelving head protection


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